Are You Ready to Elevate Your Wig Coloring Skills?

Meet Your Wig Color Coach


Aramis Tylise 

It seems as though Aramis  has been a hairstylist nearly her whole life--LITERALLY!

From a tender age in the 6th  grade Aramis found herself engaged in the world of beauty as a shampoo girl in the salon across the street from her home. Little did she know that humble beginning would spark a passion for hairstyling within her. By the time she reached the 9th grade, she was already braiding clients' hair and pursued cosmetology throughout high school. 

 In 2013 both her mother and she experienced hair loss - her mother due chemotherapy from having breast cancer and herself due to  postpartum changes. These personal challenges served as a turning point that inspired Aramis to create her first wig. 

Fast forward In October of 2014, she sold her first wig. The customer was a cancer patient, this essential moment gave her work purpose.

As Aramis ventured into her wig-preneur journey she welcomed a new challenge: custom wig coloring. To be honest initially her work didn't meet her own high standards, and while there were no formal courses or training available at the time she was determined to elevate her wig coloring skills. Through dedication and countless hours of practice Aramis has come a long way.

Today, she not only crafts her brands Designer Wigs but also shares her invaluable expertise and strategies with aspiring wig artisans through her very own creation, the Wig Color Academy.